Additional Q&A
Can I take a credit loan?
No, at the moment it is not possible to take a credit loan.
The overdraft shown in the finance screen is relevant just for a negative account balance.

Can the players stats decrease in practice? No, having just minimal stats gains is the worst case.
Players stats will never decrease in practice.

Does it make sense to not let a player practice at all?
No, it doesn't. Not having the player in practice would be wasted skill points.

One of my players lost one point in overall strenght. How is that possible?
A very important factor is the players fitness. If you dont have an eye on it, it will result in a loss in overall strength. As fitness is as important for overall strength as the main skill, every 5-6 points of fitness is about 1 point of overall strength.

How do the single skills affect the overall strength of a player?
1. attribute ~ 18.60%
fitness ~ 18.60%
2. attribute ~ 13.60%
experience ~ 13.60%
3. attribute ~ 11.63%
4. attribute ~ 9.30%
5. attribute ~ 6.98%
6. attribute ~ 4.65%
7. attribute ~ 2.33%

What is the maximum overall strenght for a player?
When a players has maxed out every skill, the maximum overall strength without position or captain bonus is:
Bronze player maximum 73
Silver player maximum 87
Gold player maximum 100

Where can I see my opponents team strength?
It is not possible to have a direct insight into other managers teams.
You can have a look at the last 5 games the manager had.
Also you can try to find out something by doing test games against the other team.

What team lineup and tactic are the best?
The effects of linup and tactics are not really indentified.
There are speculations about it, but those are based mainly on subjective perception.
What is important for the best chance to win, should be, to put your strongest players onto the field.

Some of my players are going to retire after the season. Is it possible to sell them even after the final game of the season?
Yes, players can be sold between the final league game and season transition time.

Why is it not possible to extend the player contracts?
The players contract can be extended not before 22 days until it ends.

How is the overall team value being measured?
The value of the team is being measured by the sale price (not the market value!) of a player.

Is there a chance of a change of the players class (gold, silver, bronze) after a certain time?
No, a bronze player will be a bronze player for his whole career.
A silver player will stay a silver player and a goldie will remain a goldie.

My team value is much higher than the team value of my opponent and I still lost. How does that come?
It is very hard to tell if the other team is strong or not by the market value. Players don't loose strenght but a lot of value when age goes 30+. Also you do not know, what players actually were playing. A team can have huge differences in player strenght.
Also luck is a point that is sometimes very reasonable for a win or loss.

As soon as I am bidding on a player at the transfer market, I get outbid. There must be someting wrong... ?!
The visible minimum bid just shows the minimum bid you have to raise. You cannot see the maximum bid the other manager placed for the player, which can be much higher.

A friend is having completely different players on his transfer market. Why is that so?
There is more than one transfer market in the game.
At the start of every season there's a draw for all managers and transfer markets.

I bought a player, but he does not appear in my player roster. Where is he?!
Usually a player should be arriving a few minutes after the purchase. Sometimes it may take a bit longer.

Why is it not possible to sell a player in an auction, the same way as I bought him?
If managers could sell players to other managers, it would be a chance for cheaters.
Multi account managers could sell to each other and make money by that.

Is it possible to see if a player is talented when I check him at the transfer market?
No, it is not possible to see how talented a player actually is.
You'll see that when you let him practice and check the training progress.

How many players have to be in the team to let the game take place?
7 players are needed, if the team got less, it will end in a disqualification and the result is set to 0:3

At what the age players loose a significant amount of their sale value?
The age is 31 for field players and 34 for goalkeepers. Age changes at the begining of each season

Is there more than one cup competition?
No, there is just one cup competition and all team in the game are taking part.

How many rounds are there in the cup?
There's a button called "financial report" when you click the cup game where you can find the number of rounds, the number of teams that take part and also the number of remainig teams.

My main screen (club screen) shows a green point. What does that mean?
The green point is showing you that a friend is currently online.

Does the game have a vacation mode?
The game has no vacation mode at the moment.

Is it OK to manage more than one team?
Every user is free to manage more than one team. It is not allowed though to be friends with your other teams when you are playing at the same league level. The chance to end up in the same league are very high when being friends, and this could end up in a distortion of competition.

I would like to make a second team. Do I have to make a new registration or can I play with a guest account, too?
Both is possible. But be aware, the guest account works only with the device which was used to create it.
Also you won't have access to your team after reinstallation of the game.

I got more than one team. How can I switch between my teams without having to enter all access data at each login?
When you click on the team name at the login screen you can switch between 2 teams.

Is it possible to change my team's name?
There is no ingame option for that. But it can be done by the support team.
Simply write an email to including the team name and the new name, they will happily change it for you.

How do I receive the daily bonus?
Simply by clicking onto the icon at the reward screen.

Where do I find the reward screen?
When you click "Sponsor - Finances" at the main menu, then wipe left 2 times and click the "Goal Rewards" logo in the lower left corner.

Can I use my daily rewards whenever I want?
No, if you don't use them on the day you get it, it will be used automatically at your first login of the next day.

When does the new season start?
The new season starts right after the final game of the season. There is no day of rest.

I got offended in the chat, What am I supposed to do?
Best option is to take a screenshot and include it to an email to
You might give the person a chance for an excuse before you do that.

What exact time is the season transition?
Season transition is at midnight CEST (Central european summertime)

Does the player's age affect the probabilty of injuries?
Yes, older players may be injured more often than younger ones.

Does the player's fitness affect the probabilty of injuries?
Yes, also a low fitness skill does increase the chance of an injury.

What happens if exceed my overdraft limit?
You'll be broke and out of the game.
But this can actually happen under very unlucky circumstances. Maybe a long time of inactivity with a very bad gain/loss situation, but even this only for teams with high player costs, with 30 or more gold players. After one of the last updates it got nearly impossible as the overdraft was raised to 10m goal$.

What kind of player will I get from the daily rewards at the end of the season?
At the moment it will be a young player between 16-18.

Do I need to have just 29 players when I want to pick the bonus or coin player? Or is it possible to have more than 30 players on the roster?
It is possible to have more than 30 players. The Bonus player and Coin player can always be picked, even when you got more than 30 players. When you want to buy players at the transfer market you need to reduce the team to 29 players. Also look at the next question.

There is a team with 30 players, and the manager still bids for another player. How is that possible?
This is a bug in the game which seems really hard to remove. When you bid for a player with 29 players in your team, it is possible to bid for 2 more at the same time, both auctions still need to be running. This is because the game takes the "number" 0 as a number for the players in the auctions, which makes 0-30=31