What rewards are there for the cup competition?

1. Rank - 1,000,000
2. Rank - 800,000
3. + 4. Rank - 600,000
5.-8. Rank - 400,000
9.-16. Rank - 200,000
17.-32. Rank - 100,000
33-64. Rank - 50,000
65-128. Rank - 30,000
129-256. Rank - 10,000

Why din't I get any money from the cupgame?
In the cupgames there are no payments from the sponsors. Otherwise strong teams in the upper leagues would have to many advantages.
But the profit from the stadium is shared between the two opponents. It might last up to some hours until you recieve this money. Just have a look a bit later.

What benefit do I have of the cup? I am going to loose anyway!
The profit of the stadium is shared, for young teams this might be an considerable amount of money, particularly because the players don't take any salairies for cupgames. Furthermore your players will get - as in every match - experience.