Offensiv, neutral, defensive?

- An offensive orientation strengthens your storm, but weakens your defense.
- Neutral game orientation emphasizes a balance of offensive to defensive.
- Defensive game focuses on the defense, but neglects the offensive a little.

Agressive, normal, relaxed?
- An aggressive playing style pushes all your players, but also increases the risk of injury, the number of possible penalties (cards) and reduces player fitness more than normal. It also has a negative effect on team spirit and can thus have a negative impact on your score on the long term.
- A normal playing style is a medium between not too relaxed, but not too aggressive.
- A relaxed playing style reduces the chances for injuries and penalties for your players. The players may not play to their full potential with full use in the match but they protect their fitness.

Team mood?
The team mood influences the strength of your team. By playing aggressive it will continue to sink, by playing normal or relaxed the team mood rises. Therefore you should choose the aggressive option only in important matches.

Relaxed + about 3% team mood
Normal + about 1% team mood
Aggressive - about 3% team mood

Advanced Midfielder (AM), Right Midfielder (RM),...?
An Offensive Midfielder (OM) is first of all a Midfielder. But he gets a bonus of 5% on his overall strength, if he is positionated on the right position.
If you will positionate him as defender, he will get a clear malus on his strength. At the moment it doesn't matter if you play e.g. with one RW and one LW, or if you play with two CF, as long as they are of the same strength.