What does the sponsor view offer?
On the sponsor view you can find the details of the sponsorship agreement (premium payments and maturity), and the level of sponsorship received to date, depending on the previously played games.

Take care to ALWAYS have a sponsorship agreement. They just last a few days, so check daily if you still have one.
If your team belongs to the stronger ones in your league, a contract with a high win or goal bonus makes sense. If you belong to the weaker teams, a high base payement might be better for you (you will receive this payment immediately, independent on your results)

Why do I not get any money from my sponsors in a Cup game?
There are no payements of sponsors due to cup games. Elsewise strong teams in the higher leagues would profit too much.

How can I get better contracts with the sponsors?
The higher the league you are in, the better are the conditions the sponsors will offer you.
However, there is not a big difference in payment between some of the leagues (e.g. SILVER I & SILVER II).