What does the stadium offer?
Here you can see and manage what is related to your stadium. You can determine the price of admission and expand your stadium. However, some costs associated with the construction and operating costs are also rising, so you should always keep an eye on the costs.

Is it worth expanding the stadium?
The bigger your stadium, the more revenues you will have, independent of the league you are in. Of course the maintenance costs will also be bigger. The better your results and your position in your league are, the more spectators will come.

By tapping on “Expand” you can increase the number of seats up to the maximum allowed on your current level of expansion that is independent from your division in the league. There are 7 levels of expansion. The time of construction depends on the work needed. Each expansion will have a fix cost and a variable cost that is the cost per seat and depends on the number of seats that you want for your expansion. The fix cost is independent on how many seats you are expanding. Therefore, it is most probably a good idea, to expand directly to the next level.

8.000 to 12.000 cost 400.000, duration 1 day
12.000 to 18.000 cost 800.000, duration 2 days
18.000 to 26.000 cost 1.400.000, duration 3 days
26.000 to 36.000 cost 2.750.000, duration 5 days
36.000 to 51.000 cost 7.150.000, duration 9 days
51.000 to 71.000 cost 16.650.000, duration 13 days

During the construction time, all existing seats can be used.