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<b>When do the matches and the training take place?</b>

In the main screen you can see at what time your next match will take place. In 1 real day there are 2 matchdays and so you will play 2 league matches. These normally take place around 9 AM and 9 PM CET. If you are participating in the cup, the draws for the following matches take place a few hours after your last cup match played. In the training screen you can see the time at which our next training is scheduled. There is one training per matchday and normally it is around 11 AM and 11PM CET.

<b>What player positions are there?</b>

GK: Goalkeeper / LB: Left Back / CB: Center Back / RB: Right Back / LM: Left Midfielder / DM: Defensive Midfielder / CM: Center Midfielder / AM: Advanced Midfielder / RM: Right Midfielder / LW: Left Winger / CF: Center Forward / RW: Right Winger

The players with a red background on their initials are forwards
The players with a yellow background on their initials are midfielders.
The players with a green background on their initials are defenders.
Goalkeepers have a blue background on their initials

If they are playing in their right position they will perform better that otherwise (e.g.: a left winger will perform better playing as center forward than as offensive miedfielder, but he will also perform better as left winger than as center forward).

The player wearing the captain's armband gets an extra boost to its attributes.

<b>Which player classes are here?</b>

The stars (bronze, silver and gold) provide information on the quality level of the player.

Players who have a bronze star, can achieve a maximum skill level of 60.
Players who have a silver star, can achieve a maximum skill level of 80.
Players who have a gold star, can achieve a maximum skill level of 100.

The maximum skill level does not refer to the attributes of fitness and experience. These attributes have a maximum value of 100 and are independent of the rest of the player attributes.

<b>What tactics can I select and how does this affect the match?</b>

An offensive orientation strengthens your storm, but weakens your defense.

Neutral game orientation emphasizes a balance of offensive to defensive.

Defensive game focuses on the defense, but neglects the offensive a little.

An aggressive playing style pushes all your players, but also increases the risk of injury, the number of possible penalties (cards) and reduces player fitness more than normal. It also has a negative effect on team spirit and can thus directly have a negative impact on your score.

A normal playing style is a medium between not too relaxed, but not too aggressive.

A relaxed playing style reduces the chances for injuries and penalties for your players. The players may not play to their full potential with full use in the match but they protect their fitness.

<b>What penalties (cards) are there in the league matches and how do they affect the game?</b>

One or two yellow cards are only a warning. These expire at the end of a season.

With three yellow cards your player is suspended for the next game, then proceeds to forfeit all yellow cards. If your players finish the season with three yellow cards, they are also suspended for the next match in the new season. Then again, all yellow cards are forfeited.

In the case of a red card, the player immediately goes off the field and is also disabled for the next match. Under certain circumstances, the player is still locked for 1-3 more matches (depending on the severity of the offense). Like yellow cards, these will have only a season-long effect.

Note: The cards are treated separately for the league and cup matches. That means, the resulting yellow cards are only valid for the particular competition.

<b>How old are my players when they retire?</b>

Once a goalkeeper reaches 38, he retires. In any other player's case, they will retire at the age of 35 years old.

<b>What does the club view offer?</b>

The club view offers you an overview of your club’s situation. All the icons in the Main Screen are touch-sensitive, and can be used as shortcut to get to the other screens. The information that you can see in this screen includes: manager name, unread messages from your friends, number of online friends and sponsor. You can also see statistics from your last 5 matches, value of your team and matches played, the details of your last and next matches, your tactical options and your team spirit. You can also access to your team profile from here.

If you see your line-up in red, this means that there is a problem and you need to check it!

<b>What does the financial screen offer?</b>


Base Payment: One-time payment from the sponsor
Goal bonus: premium payments for goals scored in a game (excluding cup games)
Win bonus: bonus payment for winning a game (excluding cup games)
Ticket sales: revenue from tickets sold to visitors to the stadium
Cup income: income from the cup competition
Cup bonus: revenues from the placement of the cup competition
Success fee: one-time payment for the top 3 places in each league
Player sales: revenue from player sales


Player salaries: Player salaries are paid every match and are the sum of all player salaries of your team.
Stadium costs: In home matches there are costs for the operation of the stadium.
Maintenance: Cost of maintaining the stadium daily.
Stadium expansion: With each expansion of your stadium, costs are incurred.
Player purchases: Expenditure on the acquisition of new players.
Taxes: At the end of the season taxes of 30% on cash in excess of 1 Million will be due.
Interest rates: If your account has a negative amount at the end of a match day, interest rates (currently 1% of the total) plus the unpaid amount will be due the following day.

<b>What does the sponsor view offer?</b>

On the sponsor view you can find the details of the sponsorship agreement (premium payments and maturity), and the level of sponsorship received to date, depending on the previously played games.

<b>What does the team view offer?</b>

This is where you will find a summary of the three areas: Team, Training and Transfer market. By clicking on the corresponding area you can get access to the detailed view.

Note: The short overview shows the players whose contract have to be renewed, the players who are going to retire after the season, those who are currently suspended, injured and those who have yellow and red cards.

<b>What does the training view offer?</b>

Here you can train your players individually to improve their different skill categories. To choose which player will train which attribute, tap on the box next to the player while within the player attribute screen. If the player is training a different skill then it will appear faded. Be aware that each player can only train one attribute at a time. You can change which attributes they are training as frequently as you wish. Players train better in small groups.
In the training view you also can see the section of results where you can control how the last training went. Every factor that affects the results of the training are in this screen.

Tip: Pay attention to the fitness of your players. Not only the skill attributes are important.

<b>What does the stadium offer?</b>

Here you can see and manage what is related to your stadium. You can determine the price of admission and expand your stadium.

Under “Finances” you can determine the price of the tickets for home matches. You can also see the details of the stadiums financial situation on the last home matchday, and during the current season.

The bigger your stadium, the more revenues you will have. Of course the maintenance costs will also be bigger.

By tapping on “Expand” you can increase the number of seats up to the maximum allowed on your current level of expansion that is independent from your division in the league. There are 7 levels of expansion. The time of construction depends on the work needed. Each expansion will have a fix cost and a variable cost that is the cost per seat and depends on the number of seats that you want for your expansion. The bigger your stadium is, the higher revenues you will receive. However, some costs associated with the construction and operating costs are also rising, so you should always keep an eye on the costs.

<b>Where can I find the individual match stats?</b>

Refer to the Matchday tab in which you are able to view all matches of the day which have been played within your league. Click on an individual match to see the match statistics.

<b>How is the league structured?</b>

In Goal Football Manager, there are seven levels: Bronze 1, Silver 2, Silver 1, Gold 2, Gold 1, Platinum and Diamond. Each newly registered manager begins in the Bronze level and can fight his way in seven seasons up to the Diamond level, in which the best players reside. There may be several leagues in the Diamond level and thus also several champions per season. After each season, the first three teams in each league promote to the next league, the last four teams relegate; there are no relegation games.

<b>What rewards are there for the league championship?</b>

Success fees for the Diamond League: 1. Rank - 1,500,000, 2. Rank - 1,000,000, 3. Rank - 800,000, 4. Rank - 600,000, 5. Rank - 400,000, 6. Rank - 200,000

Success fees for all other leagues: 1. Rank - 800,000, 2. Rank - 600,000, 3. Rank - 400,000, 4. Rank - 200,000, 5. Rank - 100,000, 6. Rank - 50,000 (payment of all rewards at the end of matchday 22.)

<b>What rewards are there for the cup competition?</b>

1. Rank - 1,000,000 2. Rank - 800,000, 3. + 4. Rank - 600,000, 5.-8. Rank - 400,000, 9.-16. Rank - 200,000, 17.-32. Rank - 100,000, 33-64. Rank - 50,000, 65-128. Rank - 30,000, 129-256. Rank - 10,000


At the end of the season taxes of 30% on cash in excess of 1 Million will be due.


900,000 = no taxes

1,000,000 = no taxes

1,200,000 = 30% to 200,000 = 60,000 taxes

2,000,000 = 30% to 1,000,000 = 300,000 taxes etc.

<b>Contact us for any further questions! We will answer your questions and update the FAQ. (As of 21/08/2014)</b>
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At the end of the season taxes of <b>20</b>% on cash
in excess of <i>4</i>Million will be due.
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