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15. CUP

You can find further information in the ingame-help and in the News.

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Last actualization: April 2015
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I just started with the game. What shall I do now?

- Read the FAQ might be helpful
- To expand your stadium might be a good idea.
- In your team you will find an old gold player. Be aware that he is going to be retired soon.
- Try to push your fitness and team mood (the experienced managers keep both over 90). To recover fitness, you can buy some cheap players, so you can rotate better (players on the bench recover slowly fitness). Otherwise you could also run the fitness of your players down and replace them step by step with new players from the transfer market.
- A fast promotion to the higher leagues is not always the best solution. A solid basis might also be a good thing for sustainable succes.
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How can I generate more money?

To earn money you have the following possibilities:
- Expand your Stadium
- Buy young, weak and cheap players. Train them for a while and sell them with profit.
- Buy strong players to earn more money from the payments of your sponsors and to win higher prices at the end of the season.
- Get further in the cup

Some strategies might be more successful than the others. And depending on your individual situation, it might be useful to reconsider your strategy.
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What does the stadium offer?
Here you can see and manage what is related to your stadium. You can determine the price of admission and expand your stadium. However, some costs associated with the construction and operating costs are also rising, so you should always keep an eye on the costs.

Is it worth expanding the stadium?
The bigger your stadium, the more revenues you will have, independent of the league you are in. Of course the maintenance costs will also be bigger. The better your results and your position in your league are, the more spectators will come.

By tapping on “Expand” you can increase the number of seats up to the maximum allowed on your current level of expansion that is independent from your division in the league. There are 7 levels of expansion. The time of construction depends on the work needed. Each expansion will have a fix cost and a variable cost that is the cost per seat and depends on the number of seats that you want for your expansion. The fix cost is independent on how many seats you are expanding. Therefore, it is most probably a good idea, to expand directly to the next level.

8.000 to 12.000 cost 400.000, duration 1 day
12.000 to 18.000 cost 800.000, duration 2 days
18.000 to 26.000 cost 1.400.000, duration 3 days
26.000 to 36.000 cost 2.750.000, duration 5 days
36.000 to 51.000 cost 7.150.000, duration 9 days
51.000 to 71.000 cost 16.650.000, duration 13 days

During the construction time, all existing seats can be used.
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What does the sponsor view offer?
On the sponsor view you can find the details of the sponsorship agreement (premium payments and maturity), and the level of sponsorship received to date, depending on the previously played games.

Take care to ALWAYS have a sponsorship agreement. They just last a few days, so check daily if you still have one.
If your team belongs to the stronger ones in your league, a contract with a high win or goal bonus makes sense. If you belong to the weaker teams, a high base payement might be better for you (you will receive this payment immediately, independent on your results)

Why do I not get any money from my sponsors in a Cup game?
There are no payements of sponsors due to cup games. Elsewise strong teams in the higher leagues would profit too much.

How can I get better contracts with the sponsors?
The higher the league you are in, the better are the conditions the sponsors will offer you.
However, there is not a big difference in payment between some of the leagues (e.g. SILVER I & SILVER II).
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What does the club view offer?
The club view offers you an overview of your club’s situation. All the icons in the Main Screen are touch-sensitive, and can be used as shortcut to get to the other screens. The information that you can see in this screen includes: manager name, unread messages from your friends, number of online friends and sponsor. You can also see statistics from your last 5 matches, value of your team and matches played, the details of your last and next matches, your tactical options and your team spirit. You can also access to your team profile from here.

If you see your line-up in red, this means that there is a problem and you need to check it!
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When do the league matches take place?
In the main screen you can see at what time your next match will take place. In 1 real day there are 2 matchdays and so you will play 2 league matches. These normally take place between 6-10 AM and 6-10 PM CET. A day is always finished by a league match.

When does the training take place?
There is one training per matchday and normally it is around 11 AM and 11PM CET.

When do the cup games take place?
Depending on the numbers of participiants the cup games will take place at 3 PM and later in the season at 3 PM and 3 AM (CET).

In the time around the change from wintertime to summer time and vice versa this times can be shifted an hour.
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Where can I find the individual match stats?
Refer to the Matchday tab in which you are able to view all matches of the day which have been played within your league. Click on an individual match to see the match statistics.

By navigating to "League" and clicking on the small calendar icon on the top you will get to the matchday tab.

What are Test matches good for?
You can make up to 3 test matches per matchday. They have absolutely no influence on your fitness, experience, cards, injuries nor on your finances.
They serve to try different tactics. You can't do a testgame against your next opponent.
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On the top of the squad view, the players whose contract has to be renewed are shown. Here, you can also see who is currently, injured and who has yellow or red cards.
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How old are my.players when they retire?

A goalkeepers last season is with 37 years. On his 38 birthday he will retire. Any other player will retire on the 35 birthday (last season with 34), independent of his contract.

Every player has his birthday at the end of the season.

How can I refresh a player's contract?
22 matchdays before a contract is running out, there will appear a small symbol in the squad view. By clicking on it, you can renew the contract. Every matchday your player will offer you a new contract.
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What types of players are there?
For the calculation of the matches, the engine differs mainly between:
- Forwards (red bar)
- Midfielders (yellow bar)
- Defenders (green bar)
- Goalkeepers (blue bar)
The player wearing the captain's armband gets an extra boost to its attributes (+50%, up to a maximum overall strength of 120).

Further information see "tactics and line-up"

What classes of players are there?
There are bronze, silver and gold players. Those differ in price, training speed an maximum overall strength.
- Bronze players can achieve a maximum skill level of 60.
- Silver players can achieve a maximum skill level of 80.
- Gold players can achieve a maximum skill level of 100.
The maximum skill level does not refer to the attributes of fitness and experience. These attributes have a maximum value of 100 and are independent of the rest of the player attributes.

Gold players have in general a higher training speed as silver players and much higher than bronze players.

Therefore gold players are the most expensive ones.
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What does the training view offer?

Here you can train your players individually to improve their different skill categories.

Tip: Pay attention to the fitness of your players. Your players can recover fitness by training, or by sitting on the bench during league matches. With a small team it might be hard to keep fitness high, but with a team size of around 20 you will be able to manage fitness quite well. So it might be advantageous to by some cheap players first.
If you're having troubles with fitness you might train it, but normally this makes only sense for players that make almost no progress in the other skills, or players with very low fitness.

What is the meaning of the coloured arrows? How does the training work?
The following factors have an impact on the training speed:

1. Class of the player: Goldplayers train faster than silver and considerably faster than bronzeplayers. Theoretically they can reach 100 in each attribute, silverplayers can reach 80 and bronzeplayers 60. Only fitness and experience can get 100 for each player.

2. Age: Young players train faster.

3. The higher an attribute is already trained, the slower will be the training progress.

4. The talent: Each player has randomly generated talents in every attribute, the expression "antitalent" would do it also.
After the training an arrow is displayed next to the respective attribute. This arrow indicates how far away the player is from his talent. E.g. If the arrow is changing from diagonal up to horizontal, the player is about 10 points before his talent is reached. Where this point is, has to be found out for every player and skill. Therefore it might easily happen that you buy an offensive player that is not talented in shooting.
The lower the talent, the slower will the training be. Once the talent is reached you can train the player further, but it will progress only with low speed.

5. Training group size: Small groups train faster. Theoretically a group of 2 players would be the optimum. Out of practical reasons, most of the managers choose to train groups in size of around 4 to 6 players.

6. The players position. There are different main skills for each position (goalkeeper, midfield player etc.). Means they differ in the proportion they contribute to the overall strength. In general the players train better their important attributes (except the talent is low). As a result, a forward will train most probably much faster in shooting, than in goalkeeping, although both show a green arrow.

Managers found out by mathematic analyses, that the order should be as following:

1. Goalkeeping, fitness
2. Tactic, experience
3. Passing
4. Marking
5. Counter
6. Technique
7. Shooting

1. Marking, fitness
2. Counter, experience
3. Passing
4. Tactic
5. Technique
6. Shooting
7. Goalkeeping

1. Passing, fitness
2. Tactic, experience
3. Technique
4. Shooting
5. Marking
6. Counter
7. Goalkeeping

1. Shooting, fitness
2. Technique, experience
3. Counter
4. Passing
5. Tactic
6. Marking
7. Goalkeeping

Conclusion: You will instinctively do not too bad, if you train the attribute that has the highest training results. But of course it is better for a forward to get +0.8 in shooting, than +1.0 in goalkeeping.
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Offensiv, neutral, defensive?

- An offensive orientation strengthens your storm, but weakens your defense.
- Neutral game orientation emphasizes a balance of offensive to defensive.
- Defensive game focuses on the defense, but neglects the offensive a little.

Agressive, normal, relaxed?
- An aggressive playing style pushes all your players, but also increases the risk of injury, the number of possible penalties (cards) and reduces player fitness more than normal. It also has a negative effect on team spirit and can thus have a negative impact on your score on the long term.
- A normal playing style is a medium between not too relaxed, but not too aggressive.
- A relaxed playing style reduces the chances for injuries and penalties for your players. The players may not play to their full potential with full use in the match but they protect their fitness.

Team mood?
The team mood influences the strength of your team. By playing aggressive it will continue to sink, by playing normal or relaxed the team mood rises. Therefore you should choose the aggressive option only in important matches.

Relaxed + about 3% team mood
Normal + about 1% team mood
Aggressive - about 3% team mood

Advanced Midfielder (AM), Right Midfielder (RM),...?
An Offensive Midfielder (OM) is first of all a Midfielder. But he gets a bonus of 5% on his overall strength, if he is positionated on the right position.
If you will positionate him as defender, he will get a clear malus on his strength.
At the moment it doesn't matter if you play e.g. with one RW and one LW, or if you play with two CF, as long as they are of the same strength.
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How do yellow cards affect the game?

• One or two yellow cards are only a warning. These expire at the end of a season.
• With three yellow cards your player is suspended for the next game, then proceeds to forfeit all yellow cards. If your players finish the season with three yellow cards, they are also suspended for the next match in the new season. Then again, all yellow cards are forfeited.

How do red cards affect the game?
In the case of a red card, the player immediately goes off the field and is also disabled for the next match. Under certain circumstances, the player is still locked for 1-3 more matches (depending on the severity of the offense). Unlike yellow cards, these will not expire at the end of the season.

Note: The cards are treated separately for the league and cup matches. That means, the resulting yellow cards are only valid for the particular competition.
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In Goal Football Manager, there are seven levels:
Bronze 1
Silver 2
Silver 1
Gold 2
Gold 1
Each newly registered manager begins in the Bronze level and can fight his way in seven seasons up to the Diamond level, in which the best players reside. There may be several leagues in the Diamond level and thus also several champions per season. After each season, the first three teams in each league promote to the next league, the last four teams relegate; there are no relegation games.

In seldom cases it might happen that a team that was 4.th promotes to the next league.
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